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Victory Health & Performance is an expert physiotherapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation clinic in Liverpool Street.

Future-Proof Your Health With Yoga Therapy

Our sedentary lifestyles are causing an increase in neck, shoulder, and posture problems! When the only reason many people lift their arms is to take a teabag out of the cupboard, it is hardly surprising that shoulder issues are widespread.

Hours spent in front of a computer are not helping either – it leads to our ribcages tightening up, which in turn makes our shoulders stiff! Once initial physiotherapy has been undertaken, the remedy is more regular use of these previously neglected body parts.

Increased activity activates your diaphragm (the main muscle of breathing), which reduces the chances of ill health and future pain issues.

Meet Lauren

Yoga therapy is the ideal way to achieve a more flexible body, and helps reverse years of bad posture habits, keeping you more agile and mobile as you age.

Iris is our specialist yoga therapist and has years of experience and specialist knowledge that truly makes a difference to her clients health. An infectious passion for anatomy, and her dedication to continous study, ensure that her work remains at the cutting-edge of yoga treatment.

Her calm and confident teaching will help you to find the best way to stretch out your shoulders, and use your diaphragm properly – which is essential in supporting your heart and lungs for long-term health benefits.

Iris Waller

Yoga Teacher

What I do

Everything in your body is connected.

An injury in one place can lead to compensation and further injury in another. So when you feel pain, you need to know where the trouble stems from. At Victory, which is just two minutes from Liverpool Street and Moorgate, I find, analyse and tackle the cause of your pain, rather than just looking at the symptoms. Once I've located the problem, I can help you get better and better. No temporary fixes - I only deal in long-term solutions.

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Why Victory is different

Everyone's body has a story to tell, and when you come to Victory, we listen. We understand that injury is rarely just about one painful part.

Using our unique Health & Performance Pyramid, we look at your body as a whole to find the real cause of the problem. And when we're designing a treatment plan for you, it's about more than physiology; we think about who you are, and what's important to you, whether that's trampolining or trips abroad. Whether you come to see us for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, massage or yoga, we respect your time by starting and ending sessions on the dot, we get back to you quickly by phone or email - and we remember how you take your tea!


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"I came to Victory after major knee reconstruction, and Nell and the team were utterly fantastic. The regular work they did with me, and the exercises they sent me away with, meant that my recovery was significantly swifter than expected by either me or my surgeon. The Victory team are a joy to work with, and totally focussed on what gets you fitter, quicker." Can't recommend them enough.”

Benji Lanyado

"I have used Victory for two sports-specific injuries and found the treatment to be excellent. From the initial pain relief to the long-term prevention, my experience has been very positive. Neither injury has recurred, and I would recommend Victory to anyone.”

Simon Carson

"Can’t speak highly enough of Nell’s direct professional approach, she quickly pointed out that I needed to back up my treatment with soft tissue work and stretching (yoga) in order to make long-term progress. This, together with regular treatment, has allowed me to get back into competitive sport without breaking down the whole time. Thank you.”


"Victory Health & Performance is the only team I have been treated by who have actually made a noticeable difference to my mobility and quality of life. They seem to have a near-magical ability to find what is not working and to fix it. Before being treated by Victory I was nearly forced to change careers, but now I am able to fulfil the full duties of my often physically strenuous job. I think Victory have the best therapists I have ever come across and cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Claire Ashby