Our physios treat the underlying cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. For example, lower back pain may be triggered by a variety of issues, from suboptimal neck posture to a poorly-controlled hip, to an old ankle sprain. By analysing and treating the trigger, and learning how to move your body better, you can resolve the problem, rather than deferring it for a few months.

Using the Health & Performance Pyramid, our expert physios look at your body as a whole, starting with the basics: hydration, nutrition, sleep and stress. All these things will affect your underlying tissue health and impact on your recovery. From there, it's on to the nuts and bolts of the problem, to assess your alignment, biomechanics and control to get at the root cause of the injury.

Once you’re on the road to recovery, our sports performance team will take over, analysing your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance to injury-proof you in the long-term. For the really sporty among you, once you're injury-free, Victory provide custom training to help you hit that personal best.

Our physiotherapists use a range of techniques to help you get out of pain, beginning with physiotherapy but also offering pyschology, sports rehabilitation and sports massage.