Products We Recommend


Yoga strap

As used in our yoga sessions, yoga straps can help you to achieve positions and stretches that would otherwise be very difficult.

Yoga brick

We use yoga bricks as a version of Sarah Key's famous "back block".  Check out our YouTube channel for our back block routine.


Foam roller - 90 x 15 cm

We recommend foam rollers for the self-massage of tight muscles.  Have a look at our YouTube channel for some ideas.

Yoga mat

These thick, comfortable yoga mats are ideal for daily practice.


Spiky massage balls

We use these massage balls in clinic. They're softer than most massage balls, which means you can really relax into them, whilst the spikes stop the ball from rolling away. They're perfect for small muscles the foam roller can't reach! 

Cork tennis balls

We use these similarly to the spiky massage balls.  Filled with cork, they're much firmer than your average tennis ball and are the next step after a spiky ball for reaching small muscles the foam roller can't get to. 


Resistance bands

We use resistance bands in a range of tensions for exercises here in the clinic. They're great for building resistance during functional movements. 

Power bands

Also known as jumpstretch bands, these thick elastics are perfect for joint mobility exercises, Supple Leopard style.  Stabilise the joint with the band, and then move to create space.


Hand putty

Available in a range of resistances, these tubs of hand putty are great for rebuilding hand strength after injury or surgery.

Mini bike 

This mini bike from physiotherapy supply company 66Fit is great for regaining strength and range of movement in hips, knees and ankles after injury or surgery, and is portable enough to fit under your desk.


Wobble cushion

A really important piece of equipment for anyone rehabbing from a knee or ankle injury, standing on a wobble cushion helps you to rebuild your proprioception and strengthen your core and glutes.

Still point inducer

The ideal way to reinforce craniosacral treatment: apply mild pressure to the back of your head to encourage your own still points.


Water bottle

If you're busy, quite often grabbing a drink of water can be the last thing on your mind. We recommend a bright, eye catching bottle that'll remind you to stay hydrated - and this one even has markings on to let you know how much you've had to drink.