Recommended Nutritional Supplements


Lean Greens 

Get your 5-a-day in one scoop with this powerful mix of powdered green vegetables. Packed with grasses, berries and digestive enzymes, Lean Greens give you more energy, less bloating, improved digestion and reduced sugar cravings - and now you can get 10% off with the code VICTORY10. 

Drift Off

Sleep is vital for recovery – but why are so many of us so rubbish at getting enough quality sleep?  Drift Off tablets combine magnesium with zinc and vitamin B6 to help you sleep better and recover more efficiently.

Good Fats

A quality fish oil supplement to help you improve your metabolism, cardiovascular health, brain and memory – and regulate your cholesterol levels.

R5 Aminos

Created by Matt Lovell, nutritionist to England Rugby and England Football, R5 Aminos can help you recover after exercise and improve your sleep – a vital factor in stress control. We recommend mixing a scoop of R5 Aminos with Lean Greens; weirdly, the unusual flavours cancel each other out.

Focus Formula

Another powder from Matt Lovell, this nootropic is a powerful blend of amino acids, herbs and synergistic ingredients designed to support mental alertness, focus and memory. The amino acids reduce environmental stress and increase the availability of neurotransmitters to the brain, and the adaptogenic herbs reduce the physical and mental effects of stress on the body.  Again – tastes better with juice than with water!