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Stretches For Desk Based Workers

Stretches For Desk Based Workers is a quick, effective solution!

Did you know that sitting all day can reduce your life expectancy? Research shows that exercise interventions can reduce your risk.

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are becoming a major health worry. Evidence is accumulating that sitting for long periods at work is related to a host of undesirable health effects, that simply cannot be undone by visiting the gym! Instead, regular at-work interventions are needed to limit the chances of poor health occuring.

Scientists have discovered that sitting for hours at a time is linked to higher risks of our physical health failing:

  • Obesity is likely
  • The risk of diabetes increases
  • Depression and anxiety are more common
  • Back and neck pain are frequent issues

In order to avoid these problems, we need to find some way of becoming active every 30 minutes without leaving the office environment. Stretching combined with regularly standing will make you feel more energised and help support your general well-being.


Our course is taught by Nell Mead, described by Zesty website as "the best physiotherapist in London for serious injuries and rehabilitation".

    You will learn stretches for your:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
Nell Mead

Nell Mead

BSc Physiotherapy, PG Dip Sports & Exercise Medicine, HCPC, MCSP, APSKM, L/RAMC

Ensure you stay healthy at work!

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